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Silicone stamping tools

Silicone stamping tools

With silicone stamping tools small uneven areas or deviations on the part can be compensated without noticeable melting. We manufacture silicone stamps according to your requirements with the highest quality and short delivery times. We have a wide range of standard dimensions in order to be able to produce at low costs.

Special solutions can also be implemented in a short time.


Shorehärten von Silikon

Different stamping tasks require different silicones. Shore hardness in particular is an important feature. As standard, we have silicones in hardnesses of 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 Shore on stock. Silicones with special properties can also be obtained at short notice.

Two component silicone stamping tool with relief

Manufacturing variations in your embossed part can lead to strong variations in the printing result. A silicone stamp in a two-component design can lead to significant improvements. This is achieved by using two different Shore hardnesses in one stamping tool.

Silicone plates

We manufacture silicone plates for you according to your requirements up to dimensions of 450mm x 450mm. Aluminum is available as a base plate in various thicknesses (e.g. 3mm, 5mm or 10mm).

Technical metal / silicone components

Certain technical applications require metal parts coated by silicone or rubber (e.g. handling systems, sealing systems). We will develop your tailor-made solution with you.


Data transfer

We can process a wide range of data. This includes, for example, the following file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps
  • Adobe .pdf
  • Corel Draw .cdr 
  • 3D data, for example as .stp or .igs

When providing the data, please note that the fonts included should be converted into paths. Logos and special characters should also be available as vector graphics.

If any fonts are still included, please send them along. 

You can also provide us with pixel graphics for further processing. If possible, we will convert these into vector graphics. Converting pixel graphics into vector graphics can be very time-consuming and therefore it requires an additional charge. Please ensure that these images are created and sent with the highest quality.