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Brass stamping tools

Brass stamping tools are suitable for a wide range of applications and many different materials such as plastic parts, paper and cardboard, painted wooden parts, plexiglass, leather and artificial leather.

Stamping tools for hot foil

The brass stamping tool transfers a decorative foil to the embossed part by using temperature and pressure. Textured surfaces on the stamping tool can add an additional effect to the foil.

Multi-level & flat blind embossing tool with counter die

Brass blind embossing dies are used to create raised or recessed elements in paper, cardboard, metal or leather. Different shapes are possible, such as conical or spherical. Multi-level embossing can also be created.

Relief cutting tools

Using relief cut stamping tools, foil and a raised embossing are applied in one step. 

Data transfer

We can process a wide range of data. This includes, for example, the following file formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps
  • Adobe .pdf
  • Corel Draw .cdr 
  • 3D data, for example as .stp or .igs

When providing the data, please note that the fonts included should be converted into paths. Logos and special characters should also be available as vector graphics.

If any fonts are still included, please send them along. 

You can also provide us with pixel graphics for further processing. If possible, we will convert these into vector graphics. Converting pixel graphics into vector graphics can be very time-consuming and therefore it requires an additional charge. Please ensure that these images are created and sent with the highest quality.